Why you should buy insurance from independent financial advisors?

Taking a wise decision is the only option when it comes to buying an insurance because it is the most critical part of any financial planning. But with so many insurance products, insurance plans and insurers in the market, it’s okay to be perplexed. Whether to approach financial institutions or independent financial advisers is what you ask? Here we are vouching for independent financial advisers not because we are one of them, but because we want you take an unbiased decision.

insurance from independent financial advisors
insurance from independent financial advisors

Let’s take a quick look:

  1. You need choices to make good decisions

Buying an insurance policy from a financial institution comes with the sales pitch of different insurance plans from that respective institution only. For example, an agent from company A will give an insight on plan A to Z from company A itself.

On contrary, an independent financial adviser is unbiased and will nourish your appetite with the insurance plans from the market that are best suited for your requirements.

  1. Strategic financial advice

Buying an insurance policy is a complex and intimidating process which needs strategic financial advice to materialise the contract for the benefit of both the parties involved. Legacy insurance makes it all the more complex. So, going for an independent financial adviser is the wisest decision that anybody can take as it not only simplifies the process but also backs you with well-rounded financial advice’s. They are free to recommend insurance plans from multiple sources which can enhance their creativity as a problem-solver.

  1. Value-for-money insurance plan

An independent financial adviser has access to all the insurance plans in the market. Thus, they can help you by offering you the most affordable and value-for-money plan that saves you some money irrespective of slight compromise on the protection. Also, with their expertise they can let you know if you are overpaying for any of the insurance policies.

  1. Most knowledgeable in the financial market

An independent financial adviser needs a timely update to his/her ‘Insurance bible’ because he/she is bound to offer nothing but the best to his/her customers. Independent financial advisers are the official ‘Mr. / Ms. Know-it-all’ of the insurance market. They need to know the eensy-weensy of every insurance plan and insurance policy in the market. They should be well-versed with the technology as people nowadays are going smart by going paperless.

  1. Online insurance

As mentioned previously, people are going smart by going paperless. Online insurance is the latest trend to buy insurance. People with just a few clicks can buy insurance online via internet. Buying an insurance is already an intimidating process and buying it online can be a little more complex due to the technology-gap. But, no need to worry as independent financial advisers are waiting out there to offer you step-to-step guidance. ‘Customer satisfaction’ matters to them the most!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact an independent financial adviser right away and experience the best yourself!


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